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15 minutes could save you from hiring 15 of the wrong candidates! In our initial call we’ll quickly evaluate your current staffing needs, learn about your specific challenges and discover your unique company culture. We will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective method to solve your problems. We believe that most internal issues can be solved immediately with the right hire. We’ve found that often the open position you’re looking to fill isn’t exactly the one that will alleviate your difficulties. Instead of just filling the open position, we’ll advise you (at no cost) to make strategic hires to solve those problems.

The Search

The Staffosaurus Approach is to utilize a hybrid method to search for qualified candidates. First, we use our own personal rolodex of hundreds of well-connected Healthcare Executives to find warm referrals from qualified individuals. Next, we employ the traditional route of combing through thousands of candidates currently interested in a new opportunity through digital platforms. By utilizing both strategies simultaneously, we are able to find the best possible candidates with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Interview & Hire

Review and interview candidates for free! Our white glove approach to the interview process is aimed to keep things simple and stress free. We simply ask for a few time slots that are ideal for you and we will automatically add interviews to your calendar once resumes are approved. All you have to do is decide which of the perfect candidates you’d like to hire. We will also assist with salary negotiation and scheduling start dates with your HR team.

There Is No Position We Can’t Hire

See why we are the “go to” agency for recruiting…

Our founding partners and full time recruiters have hands-on, diverse experience in all facets of the healthcare world. From Behavioral Health and Surgical Centers, to Cosmetic Medical Spas and Diagnostic Laboratories, we’ve either helped build them, consulted for them, staffed them, or assisted with mergers and acquisitions. We are prepared to take on every challenge within the healthcare landscape.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


We originally contacted Staffosaurus because our Clinical Director resigned abruptly for personal reasons and could not give notice. We were in desperate need of a licensed professional in order to stay in compliance, and Staffosaurus was able to fill the position in less than 72 hours! They saved our business and they have since hired several more valuable members of our clinical team.


Jen Wright

“The Best”

I’ve used other recruiters in the past, only to learn that they simply post a job on “job posting boards” then flood their clients with resumes so they can make claim to anyone we may hire! I was finished with recruiters until I spoke with the team at Staffosaurus; they have a unique approach that resulted in 3 extremely qualified candidates for my open position, all of which I would have hired! They made things simple and stayed along my side with every step until I filled the position.


Matthew Jefferson

“20+ Hires”

We met with Staffosaurus just before our expansion to 3 more states. We needed a solution to hire our key staff at each location before we opened; after learning about Staffosaurus’s “Sentinel Program” in which they’ll hire unlimited employees for a flat monthly fee, we were sold! They started by filling Director level roles at each location, then working with those directors to hire the entire staff. This is the only company I’d trust with this type of high level project.


Sherri Alrich

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