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We were sick and tired of lackluster results when utilizing recruiting agencies to staff our businesses, so we started our own.

Staffosaurus was founded by a group of healthcare entrepreneurs who shared the struggle of hiring qualified staff for their respective businesses. After countless attempts at utilizing recruiters and staffing agencies, each of them decided to do the work themselves, and found their own proprietary formulas for finding the best candidates in the industry for many successful ventures. What was the common theme amongst these entrepreneurs? They each utilized their own personal networks to find highly recommended candidates from trusted sources. Aside from the decades of experience it took to grow their respective networks, this process still took countless hours of phone calls, emails, and text messages. When sharing their common struggles and tricks-of-the-trade , they decided to combine forces to create a powerful recruiting agency that would redefine the term. Staffosaurus utilizes its unmatched, nationwide network and decades of healthcare industry insights to quickly target and recruit top professionals from MD’s and Clinical Directors, to Business Development Specialists and Digital Marketing experts.

We know Recruiting

Meet The Team

Taylor Glenn

Founder and CEO

Taylor, originally from Chicago, moved to Southeast Florida to start his career in healthcare in 2011 and quickly advanced to a Director of Business Development position where he fell in love with team building, sales training, and leadership. After 4 years of executive leadership, Taylor began exploring new opportunities with the help of a recruiter. While interviewing for several high profile positions with nationwide healthcare organizations, Taylor found that the recruiters with whom he was working were generally uninformed regarding the nuances of position specific functions and industry trends. Due to their lack of industry insight, these recruiters were not equipped to accurately evaluate talent, qualify candidates, or help prepare prospective employees for interviews. This experience served as the impetus to starting his first Recruiting Agency in 2015. For the last 7 years Taylor has fine tuned the recruiting process and helped hire thousands of talented employees for hundreds of happy clients from coast to coast.

Dannielle Swart

Director of Operations

Dannielle began her career in Behavioral Healthcare in 2014 and has served as the Director of Admissions for two organizations before joining the Staffosaurus team. Dannielle has specific experience working with executive teams, supervising marketing strategy of outside agencies, system implementation, and team development. Dannielle’s mission in her role as Director of Operations is to demonstrate the Staffosaurus values of performance, innovation, and success for our clients and candidates. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and taking care of her many plants.

Sean Miller

Director of Business Development

Sean is a New Jersey native where he attended Rutgers University and has been working in the behavioral healthcare industry since 2012. Before joining the Staffosaurus team, Sean represented a prominent healthcare facility as the Director of Business Development. Sean takes pride in utilizing his extensive knowledge of sales, marketing and admissions to cultivate the perfect team. Sean is responsible for helping new clients build their organization and generate new revenue growth. Outside of his career, Sean enjoys golfing, working out, and going hiking.

Carley Smiddy

Director of Client Success

Born and raised in San Diego, Carley attended school at UCLA, where she studied Sociology. Her career kick-started with the recovery industry in the position of Director of Accounts for a Behavioral Health Marketing Agency. In this role, she garnered a unique understanding of over 20 treatment facilities, navigating their intricate landscapes, and crafting growth-oriented marketing strategies. Her discovery of the vital role of assembling the right team for a company’s success spurred her on to new horizons. Transitioning to the role of Director of Client Success at Staffosaurus, Carley now specializes in aiding healthcare companies in securing the ideal talent for exponential success and growth. Her responsibilities include fostering client relationships, implementing dynamic marketing and sales strategies, and enhancing brand awareness to show why Staffosaurus is the go-to recruiting firm for all healthcare sectors. Beyond her professional pursuits, Carley spends her free time trying new things, improv, and making almost weekly trips to the local zoo. At home, she enjoys spoiling her precious black cat, Lucy Lou.

Angelica Acuna

Operations Manager

Angelica began her career in the medical field 10 years ago and has spent the last decade gaining experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. In recent years, she has found her passion and excelled in recruiting. She has extensive experience working with executive teams to identify the most qualified talent to strengthen each organization. At Staffosaurus, her focus is helping people find their ideal workplace and matching clients with candidates who stand out with their assets, performance, and enthusiasm. During her down time, Angelica maintains a work-life balance by spending time outdoors and quality time with friends and family.

Courtney Gerhardt

Senior Recruiter

Courtney is self-titled as Staffosaurus’s #1 fan. Courtney’s experience in multiple industries gives her a unique and comprehensive understanding of industry variations that arise in the recruiting space. Courtney’s career has led her to thrive in a team environment, excel through self competition, and exemplify her strong interpersonal skills. Courtney’s personal goal is to share the success that comes through continued growth and a positive work environment by making each client and candidate she works with realize their true value, and the value that the Staffosaurus team provides. Outside of work, Courtney loves spending time with her family, redecorating the house a million times, going on adventures, and just making every day the best.

Chip Roy

Senior Recruiter

Chip is a native of Louisiana and has been working in the behavioral healthcare industry since 2016. Chip specializes in helping clients and candidates navigate through the hiring process from beginning to end. He works diligently to ensure our clients are matched with candidates who will support the goals of each organization. In his free time, Chip enjoys traveling, working out, and spending time with his family.

Kara Conn

Senior Recruiter

Kara is a New York native with a remarkable ability to forge meaningful connections among
individuals. With a degree in Psychology, she has excelled in the behavioral healthcare industry
since 2018. She is a true people person – effortlessly forming and building relationships in every
situation she encounters and making friends wherever she goes. She joins Staffosaurus with
the goal of helping people find their ideal workplace, where they feel valued and excited to come
to work every day. In her free time, she enjoys dance parties with her 1-year-old son and long
walks with their family dog, Charlie.

Abria Ryan

Candidate Concierge

Abria, originally from Chicago, made the move to South Florida to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at Lynn University. Her journey into the healthcare industry began in 2022. As a member of our team, Abria works closely with a diverse group of recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates, focusing on creating a smooth and efficient hiring process that results in perfect matches between employers and job-seekers. Abria’s dedication is driven by her desire to continually learn and improve her performance while helping passionate individuals find meaningful careers, aligning seamlessly with our mission.Outside of her professional life, Abria enjoys her free time by indulging in creative crafting projects and challenging herself with new recipes in the kitchen.

We’re Waiting To Help You

Our process is quick and easy. Three simple steps to find you the perfect candidate.

Phone Consultation

15 minutes could save you from hiring 15 of the wrong candidates! In our initial call we’ll quickly evaluate your current staffing needs, learn about your specific challenges and discover your unique company culture. We will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective method to solve your problems. We believe that most internal issues can be solved immediately with the right hire. We’ve found that often the open position you’re looking to fill isn’t exactly the one that will alleviate your difficulties. Instead of just filling the open position, we’ll advise you (at no cost) to make strategic hires to solve those problems.

The Search

The Staffosaurus Approach is to utilize a hybrid method to search for qualified candidates. First, we use our own personal rolodex of hundreds of well-connected Healthcare Executives to find warm referrals from qualified individuals. Next, we employ the traditional route of combing through thousands of candidates currently interested in a new opportunity through digital platforms. By utilizing both strategies simultaneously, we are able to find the best possible candidates with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Interview & Hire

Review and interview candidates for free! Our white glove approach to the interview process is aimed to keep things simple and stress free. We simply ask for a few time slots that are ideal for you and we will automatically add interviews to your calendar once resumes are approved. All you have to do is decide which of the perfect candidates you’d like to hire. We will also assist with salary negotiation and scheduling start dates with your HR team.

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