Services To Meet Each Client’s Individual Needs

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We will create a customized agreement to meet your exact needs, whether you need to fill one key role immediately, completely staff an entire facility, or handle all of your ongoing hiring needs as they arise.

Sentinel Program

Unlimited hiring, always ready.

A Sentinel is defined as a protector who stands guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack. When losing an employee or expanding your business, it can feel like you’re under attack! The Sentinel program was created for those companies that have consistent hiring needs. For a flat monthly rate, we will provide you a dedicated recruiter who is always by your side, standing guard, and ready to recruit for you as needed. We have several packages based on your current number of employees and estimated hiring needs over time.

 Executive Recruiting

 Just need to hire one perfect employee? This is for you.

Our traditional recruiting model is simple: we provide candidates for free, you interview and hire the candidates, then 30 days later we charge an agreed upon % of the hire’s first year base salary. If they don’t work out for any reason, we’ll replace them for no extra cost!

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